Educational system is one of the backbones of the country and it has been used as the medium to make every individual as learned and well behaved. Every society puts high value on education as it ensures a stable future. All parents want their children to attend the good school or college.

We at Gritsys had identified the growth and issued faced by students, parents as well as teachers in schools as well as in colleges.

We had developed a system which can provide all the necessary information and help to complete the process of admission to completion. Various modules available in Grisys educational system (GridEdu) facilitate all the processes involved in your institution/organization.

GritEdu has modules to manage institutional employees (including teachers, non-teaching staff etc) and students.

The financial module in our system has been integrated with payroll system, where the administration of employee is hassle free and also with fee module where different fee structures of students can be managed.

Students, parents and teachers are at ease with our system and our system is integrated with latest technologies, that enables the management of tasks with ease.


Our services team help institutions develop a strategy and select, design and implement customizable solutions that enhance student engagement and improve student-institutional interactions.We reshape the way current instructional model by integrating mobile technologies and analytics to meet evolving learning requirements.