Creating a truly sustainable foundation for healthcare will require the industry to eliminate substantial costs, embrace new ways to deliver care and improve the quality of that care. Healthcare had become fee-for-volume to fee-for-value concepts. Gritsys healthcare system offers to address business needs of the healthcare industry. Gritsys offers solutions specific to the challenges of Healthcare organizations.

As the industry shifts to value based reimbursement models from volume based, healthcare organizations need to manage and improve client’s health by implementing collaborative care and co-ordination across the system.

Gritsys has a view of the industry for enabling the healthcare in delivering the quality care through effective outreach, wellness and health management programs.


Strategy formulation and roadmap toward successful implementation of the system. Collaborative care management. We offer end-to-end healthcare management.

Integrating data from a variety of medical/clinical systems and making it available when and where it’s needed for achieving cost reduction and quality improvement.

Improved patient Engagement services & solutions which enable organizations to reduce medical spending and empowering individuals to take better control of their health.

Integration of health information from multiple personal devices and uses monitoring tools for effective data collection and use in wellness and chronic care services.

Social Media Integration to post status, messages, place checkin using facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+ etc Crash report using crashlytics, testflight etc.


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