Mobile Computing

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We at Gritsys technologies strive to provide the best clWhat would your life be like without your smartphone? This question holds a lot of significance and demands a lot of reflection today Mobile Computing is a technology that allows us to transmit data, audio, and video via devices that are not connected with any physical link.

The key features of mobile computing are that the computing devices are portable and connected over a network. Today there is great variety among mobile computing devices, and their capabilities are increasing with each new model released.

Mobile Communication

This refers to the communication infrastructure set in place, including wireless network infrastructure, protocols, data formats, bandwidths, and portals necessary to ensure seamless connectivity and communication.

Mobile Software

The most important software component is the operating system, which is the brain of any computing system. For a laptop, this may be Windows, Linux or macOS, and for a smartphone, it may be Android or iOS.